World’s most expensive 125

Posted August 20th, 2013 in News 2 Comments

When is a 125cc scooter not quite as affordable and practical for the daily commute as it should be? When it’s a £7800 hand built Vespa 946 of course…

Yes you did read that correctly! £7800 for the world’s most expensive road going learner legal scooter. Surely nobody would pay that would they? Well we’ve already seen two 946’s whilst out and about on scooter rallies around the UK, so there are people with more money than sense. If you’re one of them you’d better read the full details from the Piaggio press release…


Iconic Italian scooter brand, Vespa has launched its very first luxury collection, Vespa 946: Ricordo Italiano. Wholly inspired by Vespa’s very first prototype, the MP6 – born in 1946 – the Vespa 946 embodies the pure essence of the original model, with a luxury edge. The special edition collectable is exclusive for 2013 with only a limited number available for purchase in the UK.

A true homage to Vespa, the 946 collection distils the best characteristics of classic models over past decades. The scooter marks the birth of a completely unique vehicle shape – a hybrid of the small and large body of its predecessors – the result: stunning aesthetics and classic lines.


Synonymous with Italian style, the Vespa 946 exhibits a unique fusion of timeless style and state-of-the-art technology, designed to meet the demands of the metropolitan lifestyle. Available in two chic monochrome colour options: jet white with vivid red and gloss black with sleek grey, this scooter is the ultimate accessory for trend-led urbanites wanting to make a statement.

Meticulous attention to detail makes the Vespa 946 an especially unique object. From the stitching on the leather handle grips to the final polish; everything is hand-crafted with scrupulous care, using materials of the highest quality. True to Vespa heritage, the body is constructed from steel and, for the first time, Vespa 946 matches this with aluminium side panels, which contribute to its lightweight form, making it exceptionally agile – an impeccable example of form-function. The elegantly suspended saddle is another striking design feature.

The Vespa 946 is a highly evolved model, equipped with technologically advanced features for superior performance. Not only does it introduce LED lighting technology to the scooter world but also features innovative ASR traction control. At the heart of the Vespa 946 is a state-of-the-art 125cc four-stroke, three valve, air-cooled engine fitted with an electronic injection. This provides eco-friendly benefits dramatically reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions.

The Vespa 946 Collection: Ricordo Italiano, available in white and black, is available for pre-order now, retailing at £7,740 (excluding OTR). For more details, visit


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