Shark Raw: Product test

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IMG_0703We bought you a quick look at the new Shark Raw a few weeks ago and we’ve been trying it out since then, so here’s a quick review.

Firstly you can’t help but notice this lid is a little bit different, it’s got that aggressive Stormtrooper styling, which is obviously its major selling point. Aside from that though the helmet is quite a plush feeling bit of kit, the lining is made from a natural fibre, is very nicely finished and comfortable too. It’s got a top vent with diffuser to keep your head cool if needed and comes with a ‘QRGS’ quick release goggle system, the goggles themselves are smoked and double glazed, have an anti-fog scratch resistant surface and clip into the plastic face mask. The helmet is also designed to accommodate glasses if needed. The shell is constructed from injected thermoplastic resin and there are two shell sizes available, plus the usual small, med, large etc. The fastening system is the quick release micro lock buckle type and the helmet is ready to fit a SHARKTOOTH Bluetooth system. There are loads of different colours and designs and it comes in either matt or gloss finishes.

I’m not a big fan of open faced helmets but as a summer lid, or if you’re out to impress the Shark Raw takes some beating and certainly becomes a talking point. Obviously it’s not as warm as a full faced helmet and with the dire spring and early summer we’ve been having it means it’s left my face a bit cold and wet. Although most of the rain is still kept away by the face mask and I’ve not experienced any misting on the goggles. If you want to lift the goggles you simply pull them out and lift them on to the top of the lid, they’re on an integrated elastic strap. The helmet is light and the lining is comfy, although it’s taken a bit of bedding in around my big ears (I always struggle with a new lid).

FX2F8415There are a couple of downsides, one is that it restricts peripheral vision a bit when compared to my usual Arai Tour-X4, not too badly but you do need to look further over your shoulder. The other is that you get more wind noise, as you’d expect in what is essentially an open faced helmet. It’s not a cheap helmet at £199 for the matt finishes and £179 for gloss but it doesn’t feel like a cheap helmet either. It’s a quality lid with a gimmicky nature. If you’re buying one as you’re main helmet to use all year round then you might wish you’d bought a full face but if it’s bought as a summer lid and you’ve got something else for the colder months then you won’t buy a meaner looking road legal helmet. Have a look at the video for a 360º view

Written by 2Commute (Ian Grainger), © 2021 all rights reserved.
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