Gadget Show – Zero versus Smart

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IMG_4336Electric vehicles are slowly but surely becoming more useful but which is the fastest, a Zero electric motorcycle or an electric Smart car? This will be put to the test on a Gadget Show special on April 1st, when eMCI member Zero pits its 2012 ‘S’ model against an electric Smart car.

The results of a 60 – 70 mile long ‘race’ around the Brecon Beacons in Wales will be aired on Bank Holiday Monday at 8 pm on Channel 5. The show’s production team isn’t releasing news of who won just yet so you’ll have to tune in to Channel 5 and see for yourself!

Whatever the outcome – we believe there are huge advantages to riding electric motorcycles or scooters over cars. They include all the benefits of using a powered two-wheeler – no congestion charge, use of some bus lanes and quicker journey times and there is an expanding choice of models and ranges – some of which (like the Zero) are high performance. The initial purchase price is lower (some start from a few thousand pounds) and are therefore much more affordable to a wider range of people.

Charging is much easier too, electric motorcycles use domestic plugs, so can be charged at home or work, without a special charging infrastructure. The Zero models can also use the fast charge technology available to cars, allowing a bike to be charged to 95% power in just an hour. Running costs are very low as well, estimated to be a penny a mile, which is equivalent to around 500mpg…

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