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Posted February 10th, 2016 in News 1 Comment

Aside from 2Commute I also write for various other magazines and websites on a freelance basis…

I’d just like to state that I am no longer involved with Scootering Magazine or its website in any way, shape or form. Any articles appearing in the magazine (or website) now or in the future were written before we parted company in December 2015.

Copyright grab

Although the magazine has been a part of my life since issue one in 1985 (and I’m still friends with the editor and scooter riding staff/freelancers) new contracts have forced me to part company with the mag. In the summer of 2015 Mortons Media decided to implement new freelance contracts. Signing the contracts would have meant that anything I wrote, or any photos I took as part of a feature would be owned by them… forever. Meaning they could use and sell my work forever, for free. This was unfair, unreasonable and as a freelancer meant I’d not be able to use anything elsewhere, now or in the future – not even on social media.

A few of the well-known freelancers, myself included, fought the contracts for six months but finally gave up and walked away at the end of last year.

Do you SLUK?

2016, new things are on the horizon. A fresh start, new beginnings. Watch this space…
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Written by 2Commute (Ian Grainger), © 2022 all rights reserved.
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One Comment

  • Lambretta rider

    Walking away must have been hard. But like musicians your work today is your pension later on in life.. What you do today will be reprinted. Quoted. And used many times in the future so you done the best thing long term. I’m bored of scootering magazine I think its a bit stale to be frank..that’s why I’m looking forward to SLUK. Plus them other two mags (50k scooterists & X scooter riders know who I mean) have become to expensive now in my opinion ( please don’t trash me for saying that ). Yes they are high quality now just like a bike mag…and that’s THE problem..”just like a bikers magazine”. Were different. More DIY. More punk. Back to rootz is the future me thinks. Underground street credit that’s built in the kitchen. Not from state of the art production line factory’s that resemble McLaren’s lakeside space mams outside wash house has nothing at all in common with that “facility”. lol.. You get where I’m coming from though ?.. Its possible to progress and stay in touch with your roots at the same time. The best things on two wheels come out of kitchens and spare bedrooms of people i know and I’d like my read to reflect that.. . . just saying like. 😉

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