Ronnie Pickering – bare knuckle sensation

Posted September 29th, 2015 in News 1 Comment

Helmet camera footage of a road rage incident has gone viral this week after, Hull ‘hardman’ Ronnie Pickering verbally abused a scooter rider in Hull.

Steve Midz was the unfazed rider who shot the video and posted it to You Tube, Steve had legally filtered past raving mad Ronnie’s Citroen Picasso (not great wheels for a gangster), this incensed ‘Do you know who I am?’ Ronnie who started hurling abuse before giving chase in the Picasso mobster car, quickly catching the ill fated moped. As Steve waited to negotiate a junction, Ronnie attracted the attention of Steve once again and challenged the rider to a bare knuckle fight. 51 year old Ronnie (yes we all know who you are) Pickering should maybe learn some meditation, chill a bit and go back to a life of anonymity because everybody really does know who Ronnie ‘fu*$in’ Pickering is now…
Here’s the expletive ridden video:

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