Bike or scooter?

Posted January 29th, 2014 in 2Commuters Leave a comment
Name: Mick Biggin
Age: 45
Town: Bury St Edmonds
Commute: 50 miles a day
Machine: Triumph Speed Triple


After riding a Vespa GTS 300 for most of the year on my commute to work and back I moved on to a bigger bike in September. First I got a Ducati Monster620ie but I hated it so sold it and bought a Triumph Speed Triple 955i. My ride to and from work is now around 50 miles a day all on the A14 and it’s horrible. Very windy and everyday it seems to rain! I do love going past everything like they were stood still though and this ride is so much better than the one I was used to. I used to ride 75 miles round trip to Colchester every day, now that was a nightmare ride. All on back roads with car drivers trying to knock me off everyday. I did collect a few wing mirrors from cars in traffic after they had pulled out on me. The ride through Colchester every day was an experience, I’m glad I don’t do it now though. I had to have my wits about me and eyes everywhere. I do enjoy riding my bike all year round though, the cold weather doesn’t bother me (heated vest and heated grips). All in all I must do 30,000 miles a year on a bike and will be back on another Vespa GTS 300 soon.

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