AA Invisible bikers

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Have you ever wondered why car drivers seem to hardly pay us any attention, or consider us as they change lanes or emerge from junctions? Seemingly it’s partly because there aren’t enough of us on the roads so we’re still a bit of a novelty.

A new AA report suggests that 57% of car drivers are surprised when a motorcycle appears from ‘nowhere.’ The figure rises to 63% amongst females and drivers over the age of 65.

Strangely 92% recognise that motorcyclists are vulnerable and claim to give us more space, 88% say they always look out for bikes and 85% admit that motorcyclists are hard to see.

The survey also asked ‘What if there were more bikes on the road?’ 54% said they would be more aware of bikes, 25% said they would consider motorcyclists as legitimate road users and 13% said they would personally consider switching to a bike for the daily commute.

The AA currently use 50 Honda Pan European patrol bikes and 18% of AA members hold a bike licence. For the full report click:http://www.theaa.com/newsroom/news-2013/invisible-motorcycles.html?affiliate=85386&awc=3978_1384163443_ec2acb7dab780e8eaf4fa493a5b6e5a3

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