Vespa Primavera reborn

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Piaggio unveiled their latest Vespa to the public in Milan yesterday. The new Primavera will replace the popular LX series.


Classic Vespa fans may have been left disappointed that the model isn’t at least mildly similar in looks to the iconic smallframe Vespa Primavera of the 1960’s and ‘70’s but this modern incarnation of the name is still built from traditional pressed steel and has a raised central backbone running along the centre of the floor (like the original). That’s about where any similarities end though and many will see it as a mini sized Vespa GTS. The new Primavera boasts a modern 3 valve 125cc engine (there’s also a 50cc available) which is both economical, nippy around town and has 10,000km service intervals. No price or release date have been announced yet but here’s a little promo video

A classic Vespa Primavera

First launched in 1968 the Vespa Primavera had a two stroke engine, four speed manual gearshift and timeless Italian style. It was a Vespa body shape and style known to fans as the ‘Smallframe’ a true design classic. Bad points were rotting bodywork (particularily around the edges of the floor runners) and an engine that was quite hard to work on. With an old two stroke you’ll get used to having cut knuckles from forcing them into gaps between the frame and engine whilst mending it and bruised shins from frantic kick starts whilst trying to start it! The scars, mental anguish and hours lost in a cold garage are well worth it though when all is running fine, the distinctive sound and sweet smell of a two stroke engine beneath you will quickly banish all that is wrong with the world.

Berlin Fuoco 153

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