National Ride to Work Day

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Monday 17th June saw thousands of riders, bike shops, businesses and individuals getting involved in R2WD. In my local area I saw a huge increase in bikes and scooters out on the road so hopefully the general public will have noticed too. We all know that commuting on two wheels and riding for pleasure is the best way to get around but not everybody has been enlightened yet so it’s up to us more experienced folk to show others less fortunate that riding is great fun, gets you there much quicker, is less stressful and can save a lot of money too.


Honda Goldwing

For my part I decided to make a wish come true for my non riding pension age mother, she’s knocking on a bit (sorry mum) but has never been on a bike. She has always had a desire to get on a nice comfortable Honda Goldwing though, so I arranged to borrow one for a couple of days (thanks Honda UK). The day arrived and so did the terrible June weather. I sorted some kit out; pre loaded some of her favourite music on to my iPhone and arrived to surprise her with Tina Turner blasting out of the very good sound system. There were no nerves as she climbed on board and as a novice passenger she was great, even when I wound the mighty Honda up a bit as we headed to the Peak District and Chatsworth House. Luckily we missed most of the rain and had a great few hours, she especially liked the heated seat when she got a bit cold later! I don’t think she’ll be buying a Goldwing any time soon but thanks to Honda it made a dream come true and hopefully helped her to appreciate what it’s like to be on the road on two wheels, something that most car drivers could do with experiencing.

Kawasaki riders coming over brow of the hill

Motorcycle Off-Road Experience

The second part of my RTWD endeavours was to collect a scooter riding friend, Andy Leak, who had recently celebrated his 50th Birthday. He’d always fancied a go at off roading and with the help of the Motorcycle Industry and their off road taster days team we arranged for a morning of motocross. It was also his first time on board a Goldwing and he seemed to be enjoying the experience, until I ran out of fuel on the A14…Two mile walk later and we were back on the road and arrived at the track near Kettering a little bit sweaty but still on time. The morning of off-road action was fantastic, experienced trainers, a selection of manufacturers, all the kit provided and a couple of hours on a motocross track, great fun and all for just £15! The event is an annual one so be sure to check out their website and register for it next year. Andy obviously enjoyed himself because he spent the following day looking at enduro and motocross bikes on eBay, he’s also emailed our Kawasaki coach, Paris-Dakkar riding legend, Mick Extance about us doing a five day riding trip in Spain…it looks like he might have the bug! The full range of Mick’s experience days can be seen at:

Why not encourage somebody you know to either come for a pillion ride or even get them to try a free ride with they might just love it.

Written by 2Commute (Ian Grainger), © 2021 all rights reserved.
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