CPI Aragon GP

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This nifty little CPI Aragon GP retails at just £1499, which isn’t a lot of money for a well put together and tasty looking 50cc scooter, add in the subsidised Lexham Insurance deal, starting at just £99 and manufacturers two year warranty and you’ve got a great deal that won’t break a teenagers…or parents bank.

The Aragon GP is the sportier version of the existing Aragon (Aragon S-line is £1399) and it certainly looks the part with those go faster stickers and chunky looking polished stainless steel exhaust. There will be no annoying rusty downpipes to worry about on this scooter after a harsh British winter. Why don’t all manufacturers put stainless pipes on their scoots? I’m sure we’d all be happy to pay a few quid extra and get something that won’t rust after the first sniff of rain. Aside from sporty good looks, the Aragon GP also boasts LED indicators, stacked headlights, a rev counter and digital dash with trip, time, odometer and speed-readings. It also has a rear rack, which will accept a top box (not that any self respecting sixteen year old would be seen dead with a top box on his sports ped!) Personally I think a small luggage rack with bungee points would be a more useful addition.

Two Stroke

Engine wise this scooter comes with a good old fashioned two stroke motor, that’s another bonus point in my book because four stroke fifties are just so boring and weedy sounding. At least a two stroke sounds good and has a bit of get up and go, they’re also infinitely better suited to tuning and there are quite a few tuning goodies from the likes of Malossi to fit the CPI. Thankfully our test scooter had been de-restricted, if you’re 17 or older a moped can be legally de-restricted to unleash the full power, which feels a lot safer than having to hug the pavement for safety at sub 30mph I can tell you. I was quite surprised at just how well the Aragon GP accelerates, it doesn’t feel sluggish (remember this one has been de-restricted though) and although the top speed I saw on the clock was only 45mph it still felt well capable of holding it’s own in faster flowing traffic.

The Aragon GP handles fairly well too, it’s fitted with Duro tyres on 12” matt black alloys and they felt stable enough and gave me the confidence to corner flat out in most places, even on cold autumnal roads. The suspension may not be as plush as you’d find on some of the more expensive scooters but it’s certainly not worth complaining about, especially on a scooter costing less than £1500. The CPI Aragon GP is a good little fifty, it goes well, looks great, isn’t expensive and comes with a two year warranty.

Tuning Goodies

If you want to increase the performance of your CPI (or other scooter for that matter) Malossi offer two cylinder kit options for CPI 50cc machines. The first is a basic cast iron 70cc kit, or go the whole hog and fit an MHR Replica alloy kit. Malossi also supply a full range of carbs, clutches, CDI’s, gear kits and variators to suit the CPI two strokes. Add a nice performance exhaust and your scooter just got quite a bit faster. The full range of Malossi (and Athena) tuning parts can be bought from your local scooter shop, visit www.ve-uk.com for prices and details, plus you can order online and have your items delivered to a nearby VE dealer.

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 49.2cc, air cooled, two stroke
  • Brakes: Front disk, rear drum
  • Wheels: 120/70-12 front, 130/70-12 rear
  • Weight: 90kg’s
  • Dimensions: Length 1839mm, width 664mm, height 1131mm
  • Tank Capacity: 8 litres
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Colours: Blue/green, silver/red
  • Price: £1499
  • Contact: www.wearemoto.co.uk

Written by 2Commute (Ian Grainger), © 2022 all rights reserved.
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